Breyer Classics Spring Creek Stable

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Breyer's new Classics Spring Creek Stable is sized in the Classics 1:12 scale to fit all your Breyer Classics horses! This Breyer play set does not include the horses, cat, hay bales, doll, or tack shown. The stable roof swings open on both sides to allow good access to the two horse stalls and hay loft with its moveable ladder. There are 4 fencing sections that can be used to create an attached paddock behind the barn or used to create a separate enclosure. Breyer's play barn for Classics horses has saddle racks and tack hooks for bridles. It even has a slide-out built-in wash stall with swinging hose for horse bathing time. The Breyer Classics Spring Creek Stable features snap-together assembly and measures 15" long x 9.5" wide x 12" high when assembled.

  • Horses, doll, cat, hay bales, and tack not included
  • Breyer # 698
  • Classics 1:12 scale
  • Ages 4+