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Breyer Classics Rock N Roll Forever


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Breyer Classics Rock N Roll Forever
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Breyer Classics Rock N Roll Forever

Completely unique with an electric vibe, the Breyer Rock N' Roll Forever model horse in Classics size is a collector's item for sure! This is the third in a unique series of Breyer Classics in signature decorator style. Very different from the typical realistic Breyer horse, this model is a lavender tinted acrylic, with blue hooves and glitter detail. Tattoo style art on the sides in a guitar and heart design in vibrant pink, blue, black, and purple. Horse model is in mid canter stride, with flying mane and tail. Collectable limited edition Breyer is lively and unusual, with a groovy black light look that captures the feel of the music. Great gift for the Breyer enthusiast, rock n roll music fans, or children who love super fancy horse figurines!

  • Breyer # 62034
  • Classics 1:12 scale
  • Ages 8+