Breyer Classics Grey Arabian

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Breyer Classics Grey Arabian is an elegant model horse with wonderful expression. The Arabian horse breed comes from the Arabian Peninsula and are one of the world's oldest breeds. They were bred by the desert Bedouin tribes to live and even thrive in the harsh, dry climate. Considered by many to be the most beautiful horse breed, modern Arabians have large expressive eyes, dished faces, and a smaller frame. Arabians are small but mighty, with tremendous lung capacity and endurance that make them popular in every discipline. Arabians are also known to be highly intelligent and bond closely with their owners and riders. For all these reasons, Arabians have found success in endurance, Western, English, Park, driving, trail, and as beloved family horses. Breyer Classics 1:12 scale Arabian depicts the beauty and spirit of these wonderful horses. This is a nice model for tacking up English or Western and having horse show fun!

  • Breyer #923
  • Classics scale 1:12
  • Ages 4+