Breyer Classics Chestnut Arabian & Foal

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Breyer Classics Chestnut Arabian & Foal is a 2-horse set from Breyer! Sweet Arabian horse mare is with her young foal and they both look like they're about to frolic and play in the pasture. This Classics 1:12 scale set features the Arabian mare with expressive dished face with blaze and 3 white socks. Her foal has matching coloring with a star and two socks on the front. Sweet and playful! Mary's has many model horses, tack and stable accessories, rider dolls, and collectibles in the Classics size. They're fun for kids and collectors and make wonderful gifts!

  • Breyer #62046
  • Classics 1:12 scale
  • Ages 4+
  • Includes 2 horses - mare and foal