Breyer 70th Anniversary Horses

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Breyer 70th Anniversary Horses - Celebrating the Decades

The Breyer 70th Anniversary Horses are very special models that celebrate the history and magic of Breyer. This is a fun release from Breyer that is sold as a random selection. You can't choose the model so it will be a surprise when it arrives! You may receive the Fighting Stallion, Indian Pony, Andalusian Stallion, or the Palomino Five-Gaited Saddlebred.

Each Traditional size randomly assorted model comes in a commemorative box that details the history of Breyer and focuses on the artistry of the model. No matter which Breyer 70th Anniversary Horse you receive, you'll want to display it proudly with your collection.

  • Breyer 1825
  • Traditional 1:9 scale
  • Random Assortment
  • Ages 8+