Bandana - Navy or Red

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Bandanas in Navy and Red cotton from M & F Western. The Western rider accessory that everyone knows and recognizes! Amazingly, the American Western bandana has an improbable multi-cultural history. The classic red bandana is a color called Turkey Red; the name bandana evolved from Sanskrit, and the paisley pattern comes from Persia by way of Paisley, Scotland! Originally used as a mini banner to rally the colonists, with the first design, commissioned by Martha Washington, featuring George Washington on horseback.

The bandana evolved into a tool for messages, loyalties, advertising, and practicality. Practicality and style are the hallmarks of bandanas today. Still a square piece of fabric with dozens of uses, the 100% cotton bandana from M & F Western comes in Red or Navy. Tie it around your neck or head, use it as a dust mask, handkerchief, sun protection, a wash cloth, or, in the worst case, an emergency tourniquet. Traditional paisley design.

  • Navy or Red
  • 100% cotton