ArcEquine Therapy Complete Kit

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ArcEquine Therapy Complete Kit

The ArcEquine Therapy Complete Kit for horses promotes healing and injury repair and reduces pain with a compact, portable microcurrent therapy unit. The ArcEquine unit uses different sequences of microcurrent therapy to accelerate tissue repair and healing. One sequence of electrical current treats injury, pain, and trauma and the other promotes repair. Several top equestrians helped ArcEquine develop the non-invasive streamlined unit that easily fits on a horse's leg with an elastic strap. Please note, this product is a Final Sale and is not eligible for return.

How Does It Work? The microcurrents in ArcEquine address cellular imbalance created by injury, tissue disease, or other damage. In healthy cells, electric current sequences maintain a stable, normal state. When compromised, the sequences are interrupted, ATP production decreases, and tissue function is impaired. ArcEquine introduces the correct sequences of electrical current to rebalance electrical or chemical functions and dramatically increase ATP production. This immediately starts the process of regeneration and wound repair throughout the body. The ArcEquine unit has pre-set treatment options that target specific therapy goals. Each option uses the same method of attaching the unit to a horse's leg for three hours per day for several weeks. If the horse has an injured leg, rotate the unit among the healthy legs.

This versatile horse health therapy can speed up the process of healing and doesn't just work on a specific injury. The microcurrent works systemically so that all tissues benefit. In addition to its use for traumatic injury, the ArcEquine unit may be used to maintain the health and wellbeing of the horse and reduce the likelihood of further injury. If a horse is under veterinary care, the owner can use the Arc Equine unit on their own in conjunction with other therapies.

This ArcEquine therapy system kit includes everything you need to start the therapeutic treatment. The ArcEquine Complete Kit includes: 1 Leg Strap, 1 Delivery Unit, 2 Carbon Rubber Pads, 1 Conductive Gel (250ml), 1 Charger, 1 User Manual.

  • Complete Kit
  • Accelerates healing and repair
  • Non-invasive
  • Mistake-proof; cannot be overused or misused